Friday, September 21, 2012

My date with my pile of laundry. Lets hope it finally gets done.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Plans do not always work out as planned...

This week has just been one of those weeks where I feel like I have gotten absolutely nothing done! This past weekend we stayed at my parent's house and watched my 4 of younger siblings while my parents were away at a couples retreat. My sister and her husband also went to the same retreat so her oldest two daughters stayed at my parents with us. So between 3 dogs (1 being my massive and slightly annoying German shepherd) the random age assortment and needs of 10 children/adults, soccer games, Jackson coming down with a random 103 fever and Jake working all weekend, (how he managed to escape the craziness by working I'll never know!) It made for a fun yet crazy weekend.

So anyway, Sunday evening when I got home I was just a wee bit tired and terribly behind on laundry that I hadn't gotten to last week. I went to bed planning to get to the laundry and everything else first thing Monday morning. Well, at this moment my fried brain cells can't remember what stopped me from... oh wait, I just remembered. Monday morning the kids both slept in till 9:30 so naturally I did also and it was AMAZING, but then as I was feeding the baby, and trying to get Jack breakfast I remembered that I had volunteered to make a friend (who just had a new baby) dinner. I of course didn't have any of the stuff to make it, so I had to make a quick run to the store, and by the time I had gotten home, made lunch, laid Jack down for a nap, sent my husband off to work, fed Caroline again, made the meal up and cleaned up my mess of a kitchen it was time to drop the meal off. On my way to bringing the meal my gas light in the van came on, and after dropping the meal off, I realized both children had poopy diapers and it was almost time for Caroline to eat yet again. So I made a quick stop into my mom's to change the diapers and feed the baby, and somehow got roped into staying and helping make dinner and decorating a cake from my Grandma's birthday. Then of course I had to stay for dinner. :) I skipped dessert though because Jackson had already snuck into the cake while nobody was looking, and I had to stop and get gas before the gas station closed. By the time I got home I was pretty worn out, so I decided that the laundry would still be there tomorrow so I laid on the couch and waited for Jake to get home from work. After he got home, I stood up to say hi, and I all the sudden felt sicker then a dog. I mean my head was pounding and I felt like I was going to vomit. Don't worry, that's not my normal reaction to seeing my husband. ;) I went to bed hoping to sleep it off. Yeah, not so much.

So now on to Tuesday, I woke up feeling just as awful as when I had gone to bed. My body ached, my skin hurt, my head was pounding, I felt nauseous still. Even my scalp hurt. Jake had school all day and had to leave early, so It was just me, the kiddos and Gunner. The dog must have sensed I wasn't feeling well, because he was perfectly awful for most of the day, and both children managed to get dirty enough to need a bath. I must say that sick days as a mother are much less relaxing then they were before.  Jake got home at 4, and He took care of Jackson so I was able to rest. Tuesday ended with watching Parenthood with Jake, and still no laundry being done.

Today I woke up feeling great, and I had great hopes for getting all the laundry and chores done. I got most of the house cleaned in the morning, and after lunch and laying Jackson down for his nap, my husband texted me and said he had forgotten his badge for work, and wondered if I could bring it down to him after the kids woke up. Jackson took an extra long nap today, so I was able to throw some laundry in (planning to finish it this evening), but it also meant we didn't head down to see Jake until close to 5. So by the time we got home it was after 6. We had dinner, played outside for a bit, and snuggled on the couch until bedtime. As it got close to bedtime Jack started getting whiny, and by the time we headed up to bed, he was kind of crying. I assumed he just didn't want to go to bed. When we got up to bedroom he started to climb into bed, but he didn't have his pajamas on yet, so I told him to get out of bed and he just dropped to the ground and started screaming. He never throws fits at bedtimes, so I didn't know what his deal was. I laid Caroline half dressed in her crib and walked out of the room to grab something. I walked back in, and Jackson is standing there covered in throw up and crying hysterically. I have nothing to clean him off with so I used my shirt to try and clean him off, only to have him throw up again. I carried him downstairs and rinsed him off in the tub, and carried him back upstairs so I could dress him, finish dressing Caroline (who was also screaming by this time) and clean the throw up off the carpet before I threw up from the smell of it. I managed to get everything cleaned up, Caroline to bed, and Jackson cried himself to sleep in my arms. Poor baby, here I thought he was throwing a royal fit, when he actually is probably just like me in the fact that sickness hits him like a ton of bricks out of the clear blue.

So no, as you can probably guess, I have not gotten any laundry done this evening. Instead I have been sitting here snuggling my sick little boy, praying for him, and holding him when he randomly wakes up.  Yes this week has been crazy and not how I would have planned, but I am grateful that everyday is new and that God is in complete control. On that note, lets hope tomorrow runs a little smoother as I am running out of clean clothes :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Everyday life

Picture this....

I am sitting on the couch with Caroline in my lap feeding her a bowl of soupy rice cereal. Then from across the room Jackson throws me one of his plastic basketballs. (without my knowledge of course) The ball comes sailing through the air and lands smack in the middle of the bowl of cereal knocking it clean out of my hands and sending the cereal flying all over me, Caroline, the couch and the carpet.

End of picture...  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Potty training anyone?

Lately Jackson has been telling me when he needs his diaper changed, so yesterday I figured we would start the whole potty training thing again. We talked about how he needed to go on the potty and not in his diaper and I told him to tell mommy when he needed to go. We ended the day with no success, but I wasn't too discouraged because he was actually showing interest in it. Then this morning while he was eating breakfast Jackson informed me that his diaper needed changed and he wanted to try and go potty. He actually said the words "try" and "potty." I was super excited he had told me, and we ran to the potty to try. We sat for a few minutes and nothing happened so I figured that he had maybe gotten confused and told me after he had already went. We walked into the living room to get Jackson some underwear just as Jake was getting home from a breakfast, so I stopped to talk to him for a moment before getting the underwear. As we were talking I happened to glance over at Jackson just in time to see a pile of poop fall from him to the floor. I ran and grabbed him and we took off for the bathroom. I was carrying him sideways as I ran because poop was still falling down his leg, but in my haste I accidentally rammed his head right into the bathroom door! I am sure the neighbors heard his screams they were so loud, and we didn't even make to the toilet in time to finish going on the potty. So I had poop on my living room floor, Jackson's legs, and also some smashed on the outside of the toilet but no poop inside of it, and a screaming child on top of that. Lovely! I calmed Jackson down, cleaned up the mess with the help of my dear husband (who will probably be timing his entrance home a little better in the future) and realized that Jackson was not confused and he really did need to go potty. Oh the joys of potty training.

Oh, and while I was writing this Jack had to go again, and this time while he was sitting on the potty actually going, he leaned back against the seat causing the potty chair to flip over backwards and him to hit his head....again! Poor child, it will be a miracle if we make it through potty training without a concussion. :/

Monday, September 20, 2010

Check ups and check outs...

Today Jack had his 1 month check up. Can't believe he is that old already. Time just goes by so quickly. On the way home from his appointment, I stopped by Kohls to buy Jackson some clothes with gift cards I got from his baby shower. There were a ton of sales so I was pretty excited about getting good deals and not even using my own money :) Anyway, after I had finished shopping and was headed to check out, I realized that my gift cards were in my purse not my wallet. I had left my purse in the car so I had one less thing to carry. So I set my clothes down, walked out to the car and as I reached the car I remembered I had put my keys in my purse, and locked the car. Hence brillantly locking myself and my starving baby out! I called my husband told him my problem, and he said he would bring the spare in about 30 minutes when he finished up the job he was working on. So I headed back into Kohls with a screaming baby and sat on a bench next to this little old lady who kept telling me my poor baby looked hungry. I told her my dilemma and she said "oh you can go ahead and feed him, won't bother me. I'm used to all that stuff." Now I have never nursed in such a public place, and never again do intend to, but I was desperate. So I covered myself up, and as I fed Jack, I listened to this lady tell me all about how in 1985 she was choking had to get her esophagus cut open and she hasn't been able to eat any meat, veggies or salad since then. Then she proceeded to tell me about her feeding tube and how that all worked. (I thought I had it rough) Eventually the little lady's daughter finished shopping and came to take her home. My husband got there a few minutes later, and I must say, even though the conversation choice was odd, it was nice having company as I waited for my rescue. I think next time though, I will take my purse in the store with me to avoid it happening again.
Below is my little man at his check up... :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oh dear...

It is 11:30 at night, and I am up wishing I wasn't. Last night I made a mistake that I am sure most nursing mothers have made, and I ate something spicy for dinner. Jalapeno peppers to be exact. My poor Jackson has been getting the brunt end of those peppers all day, and the poor boy has been a crying mess every time he eats. Right now the only thing that will calm him is putting him in his swing. I am guessing the fast swaying motion must help his belly ache. I feel just aweful, especially when his little lower lip sticks out and he starts whimpering. :( I am hoping by tomorrow all will be well again so both Jackson and I can get some rest. And I will be avoiding jalapeno peppers in the future.


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Safe in the arms of Daddy...

He is here! My little Jackson Robert made his way into the world August 19, 2010 at 10:23 p.m. weighing 7lbs. and 15oz. He is the most perfect baby ever. I love him more then words can say...